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15 years in professional life with extensive management experience enriched with multi-functional and international assignments. Believe in importance of bringing out best in people, being customer focused and embracing digital. Passionate about serving to have a better world.

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International Career: 2 assignments in Switzerland, 1 assignment in Algeria and 1 in Thailand. Attended in and ran workshops, trainings and project meetings in more than 10 countries
Functional Expertise: General Management, Field Sales, Trade Marketing, Key Accounts, Marketing, HR, Training and Development.

Experience in different industries such as Finance, FMCG and Well-being/Hospitality/Medical
Managed multi-cultural teams of 100+ employees
Digital Transformation and learning enthusiast, regularly follow cutting edge technologies and trends. Deliver keynote speeches on various subjects related with digitalization.

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Run startup as a part of my purpose of life: “contribute to have a better universe”

iOS App to help its users meet themselves and connect with life.



My keynote speech about digital transformation

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In order to manage something, you need to set the big picture first and make your team engage with the big picture:


The Vision: What does your company want to achieve? What do you want your team to remember on each action? What is your mindset? Any motto or something to remember those?


Working Culture: What is your team agreement? What are your values? What are the business essentials?


You can see below my approach to the management from my experiences:

Company Management Mindset

Here you see an example of my company management mindset from one of my experiences which is all about the balance between 3 pillars.


Happy Customers, Happy Team, Happy Company.

Company Management Mindset.png

Team Management Essentials

While managing a team, I can express my focus as a 3-storey building. At the bottom, the building's foundation is integrity. If this does not happen, the building will collapse.


Upper floor is a performance. We can divide this into 2. KPIs/Objectives and moving forward. Objectives are always to be achieved. Therefore, I would like to spend more effort half upstairs here to take our business further beyond the targets and add value to our business.


The top floor is happiness. If my team is happy and everything is fine in the lower floors, I spend the most of my energy here.

Team Management Essentials.jpg

Team Management Journey

Here is an example of my management approach to my team from my first team management experience.


So, focus on yourself to improve yourself a s a manager as well as focusing on your team with the process that I mention here.


Digital Capability Model for Companies

This is the model that I drafted in 2018 for companies to be enable them to adapt to the digital transformation.


Mainly focusing on the transforming people.

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